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How to maintain the coupling
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  When the meet the requirements of the coupling and bearing lubrication effect, there will be a variety of fault features. Such as low oil pressure, the local will produce dry friction due to direct contact between the shaft and bearing caused by the movement of surface damage and damage the shaft surface at this time blue. If the lubricant failure or pressure built up, sports surface completely lost the protection of the film, and direct contact with dry friction. Temperature bearing alloy layer melting, timely stop to produce the phenomenon of the "hold-watt, not in time to stop it will cause more serious damage to components.

  After the failure of the bearing varieties, some of the really difficult to buy into the spare parts had to repair, especially the imported bearings; bearing minor injuries, such as the inventory produced during the slight water rust, as well as during transport minor micro-abrasion. such cases repair easy and gesture. In addition to the economy, the repair of the coupling to its technical nature, which requires the repairer to fully understand the bearing of the corresponding technical requirements, bearings and parts thereof in the structure, process and material characteristics, it would be difficult to ensure that the bearing repairing meet the required effect. The main material factors affecting the service life of carbon chromium steel bearing parts and the degree of control as follows: (1) the carbides of the steel in the original organization before quenching requires a small dispersion. Austenitizing can be high temperature 630 ℃, 420 ℃ high temperature, unwrought waste heat can also be used to rapid thermal annealing process. (2) For GCr15 steel after quenching, the average carbon content of about 0.55% of cryptocrystalline martensite was uniform, about 9% Ar and 7% of the circular state of undissolved carbides microstructure. Can make use of the quenching temperature and time control of this microstructure.

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