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Analysis lock industry
Data: 2012-9-19      Hit: 3712
    As people living standard rise, the housing conditions improved, decided the lock must be lock market leader. At present, China's door lock market to mechanical lock is given priority to, mechanical lock are mainly ball lock, holding the hand lock and inserted core door lock. And plug door lock core than other door lock anti-theft performance, the applicable scope, etc is superior, so more can be. But, must pay attention to urban and rural household lock demand level, the difference treatment.
    Car lock become a hot topic
    Along with our country automobile industry continues to expand, car lock development good prospect. The ministry of commerce announced, our country in 2004 the auto output ranks among the world's fourth, breakthrough of 5 million cars, 5.0705 million cars, a 14.11% increase from the previous year. About 47% of cars, the coach about 26%, truck about 27%. Car of increased production, show car lock market prospect is good, especially in car lock anti-theft lock intelligent high-end market potential is tremendous.
Furniture, office lock become to be bestowed favor on newly
As household, office conditions to improve and the increase of business occupancy, make furniture, office lock market is more and more big. At present, all kinds of drawer lock, chest lock, luggage locks, cabinet lock, stationery cabinet lock, turn tongue lock, type of lock, bathroom lock, safe lock wait for furniture, office lock demand great. And these locks and the real estate industry, furniture industry, property management industry closely related, figure more and more, and more and more is also high quality requirements.
    High-grade lock is the direction
    With China's opening up unceasingly thorough, high-grade building development soon, high-grade locks market prospects. Our country locks industries to lock high-tech input is has been increasing year by year, high-grade lock market demand has also been increasing year by year. Especially in the developed countries to the demand of high-grade locks is very exuberant. Our country system lock industry of monopoly is take time by the forelock, timely into high-grade lock market. Wenzhou's qiangqiang group through the combined way, will ZhiSuoYe of more than 20 enterprise together, the integration of resources, the rapid in high-end lock market stand a place, let locks power of South Korea and other system lock businesses seek to points a cup of "soup". Other domestic system lock enterprise have been developed such as IC card electronic door locks, electronic coded lock, encryption type magnetic card lock, floor house speaker alarm system, valves lock, etc. And enterprise is developing the fingerprint lock. For the high-end locks high technical content, more prominent humanity, personalized features, so the product profit is high. Add locks products generation speed, high-end locks will gradually become mainstream in the lock.
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