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Product Introduction:

Handle definition:
Handle for easy installation of the door switch on the door of the components, industrial box in the handle of the form and function very much, and the quality to be better than normal handle.
Handle material:
Handle a variety of materials used, but mainly stainless steel, zinc alloy and iron and aluminum these types of industrial materials with the handle of stainless steel and zinc alloy are mainly two, there are aluminum, the handle in the use of industrial performance and the use of environmental requirements are relatively high, so their materials and processing technology in all aspects of the requirements are relatively strict, tight stainless steel in accordance with the requirements of different jobs there are 201 stainless steel, 306 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel.
Of course, handle in all aspects of industrial performance and quality are much better than normal handle.
Handle surface treatment:
Ye Hao surface treatment handle a variety of ways, according to handle different materials have different surface treatments, surface treatment of stainless steel with mirror-polished surface, drawing, etc.; zinc alloy hinges are generally galvanized surface treatment (plating white coating,
plating color zinc), plated chrome, pearl chrome plated, matt chrome, Ma face black, black paint, we can also do according to the requirements of different surface treatment.
Handle type:
Handle by a variety of different materials can be divided into good, such as: zinc alloy handle, brass handle, iron handle, aluminum handle, wood handle, ceramic handles, plastic handles, crystal handle, stainless steel handle, acrylic handle, marble handle, but
used in industrial cabinet handle are zinc alloy handle, iron handle, aluminum handle, stainless steel handle and wooden handle

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